“Predicting rain doesn’t count; building arks does.”

– Warren Buffett

Brief Information
About Hack.NG

We started few years ago trying to bring farmers to sellers (Kobofarm) (solve a local problem), but during our journey, we discovered the scope of the problem is bigger than we thought. There are so many challenges that lie on the infrastructural deficiency of the country. Imagine connecting a farmer living in the remote parts to internet. Beyond that, credible knowledge fueled by data is absent. We Consider the fact that the next-gen farmers are not the perceived "old in remote places" but they are YOUTHS adopting farming. A for us by us approach is then employed going by farmhack.

Farmhack gave us as broader scope and after 2 years of successfully hacking the farm in the universities, we decided to collaborate with other companies with similar mission to build HACK.NG

Hack.NG is a school-based independent student group. You find our ambassadors, you find young minds meeting regularly to compete in solving local problems. Once - every year - there will be a need to solve a national problem through an inter-university competition.

We Use all Possible
Technology Avaliable

At the competition, participants can use all available resource/technology to solve their chosen problem. Both hardware and software, maybe even policy tweak can be deployed.

A Scholarly

Applying academic approach into solving daily problems is fully encouraged and that is why we are partnering with companies to submit problems of interest to us.

Keep it simple
and non-invasive

Yes, keep your solution simple, such that my grandmother will be able to use or understand it. That's our approach!




Projects Submitted




Start ups

Universites & Higher instituitions

We have organized competitions at universities of higher learning so far, we are looking expand the spectrum beyond current scope - we are bringing in people from other industry to work with us in solving daily problems.

That Much ?

Yes, it's a sprint style pitch, where people who never met each other will come together and form a team to build something. This time, idea will be refined and be worked on continously.

Yes, They emerge..!!

Winners don't just get the throphy for the sake of getting it. They emerge into companies